Intro, music & Booking

My name is Lalou

I`m a singer, pianist, composer & vocalcoach

I write songs of hope and resilience that aim to encourage you

to stand up for your dreams and dare to be, who you are!

Style: Pop-Jazz-world

I am convinced of the fact, that music has some healing powers.

Let´s go and find out together!

You can book me (and my quartet) through my music profiles on and uncover music

or cantact me directly by phone: +45 30639377 or e-mail 

Discography and listening links

Sept. 17 2021 "ALBUM Secret Smiles"

Aug 27 2021 "Secret Smiles" (single as prelude to Album release: "Secret smiles")

July 16 2021 "Cloudy Moods" (single as prelude to Album release: "Secret smiles")

Apr. 23 2021: "See the lights" (single as prelude to Album release: "Secret smiles")

Feb. 12 2021: "Love conquers all" (single as prelude to Album release: "Secret smiles")

Sept. 2020: "Dream together" (single by various artists & Lalou)

May 15 2020: "På grænsen" (single by JAS & Lalou)

Apr. 3 2020: "When your heart feels free" (single)

Jan. 17 2020:"I`ll be by your side" (single)

Sept. 13 2019:"Music" (single)