About the artist

New single "På grænsen" with danish lyrics on all digital platforms 15.05 2020

The song is written and composed by JAS and co-written/re-arranged a little by Lalou. The lyrics deal with the vulnarable situation of losing the one, you love, namely when death do us part. In spite of the seriousness of the topic, the song contains a lot of hope and the harmonious music supports this in a very convincing way.

Lalou, 2019


I was born in the very North of Germany close to the sea and an environment with a lot of nature. Ever since I was a child, I´ve been fascinated by creating things.

I started creating music and "playing" the piano, as soon as I learnt to walk :-) 

Pianoplaying became a hobby for me and I began to receive lessons, when i was about 9. 

Singing and performing started even earlier. I joined some different choirs and became a solo-singer by the age of 7.

As a youngster I joined a couple of small bands and quoirs and as an adult I began studying music at the university of Flensburg with the goal to become a music teacher.

Later I studied speech and languange (logopedics) and took private singing lessons with different vocal coaches in some years. I began recording some solo-projects and took more intens courses and seminars in singing and wrote more music through the years.

I worked as a teacher in several years and decided to change my career and became a nurse. I only worked in hospital in a few years, before I went back to the educational sector. And this is what I still do today. I teach students in nursing and my musical activities make up a third of my working time. I began working as a singing teacher in 2018 and now I am employed at a music school, where I offer private singing lessons.

Besides all this, I draw and paint, make some handcrafts by materials from the sea and the beaches. I live in Denmark, close to the sea, and get much of my inspiration from nature and my journeys to the Canary Islands.