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Lalou LIVE

 Lalou live

  • Summer 2020: Small intimate concerts
  • Feb. 27th 2020 at Portalen, Greve, DK
  • Feb. 7th 2020 Musikstationen, Ringe, DK

  • Jan,  24th 2020 8 p.m. at Dexter Jazzhouse, Odense, DK
  • Dec, 31th 2020 La Gomera Lounge, Valle Gran
    Rey, Playa de Calera (together with Werner from the jazz duo "MeoNeo")
  • Dec, 16th 2020  Songwriters at "Studenterhuset Odense"
  • Dec,  6th 2020 at "Musikstationen", Ringe DK 
  • Nov, 28th at "Portalen", Greve (Musik- og sangcafé)


  • Sept. 13th 2019: Single "Music"
  • Jan. 17th 2020: Single "I`ll be by your side"
  • March 6th 2020: Release of my double single "When your heart feels free"
  • Spring 2020: Release of the Danish single "På grænsen" together with "JAS"
  • Nov. 2020: Release og my album "Secret smiles"

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